Unveiling SoulCybin Scam. A Deep Dive into the Psychedelic Delusion


In recent decades, there has emerged a trend of companies that are attempting to capitalise on this interest. SoulCybin has been attracting attention due to its promises as well its controversies. This article looks at the soulcybin scam to shed light on the claims and concerns as well the wider implications for the industry.

SoulCybin is on the Rise

SoulCybin was marketed as a platform that would revolutionize psychedelics therapy. They promised transformative experiences with guided psychedelic adventures. The company was started by individuals who claimed they were passionate about mental wellness and healing. They quickly attracted attention within the psychedelics communities.

The Promises

SoulCybin’s attraction lay in its claims to offer safe and legally psychedelic experiences. The company offered a variety of online courses, including webinars, coaching sessions and online courses. The platform gave users access to a vast network of facilitators with extensive experience, promising healing journeys that would transform their lives.


SoulCybin found itself facing scrutiny and a torrent of allegations despite the grandiose claims. These accusations ranged from deceptive business practices to financial indiscretions, and they started to erode the credibility of SoulCybin.

SoulCybin allegedly uses misleading marketing techniques to create unrealistic expectations with users about the therapeutic value of psychedelics. Some users complained that the platform minimized the risks of psychedelics. These include intense psychological effects and, in certain cases, harm.

Lack of Qualifications – Concerns were expressed about the qualifications for SoulCybin’s guides and facilitators. Accusations that there was inadequate training or a lack in professional oversight caused many to question whether the experiences were safe.

Financial Irregularities Some users reported problems with billing and payments. These included allegations of unauthorized charging and difficulties in obtaining refunds. The financial disputes further heightened the doubts about the company.