Common Carpet Cleaning Myths Debunked

Clean carpets can improve the look of your entire room and reduce the risk of dust allergies web site. However, a lot of people fail to properly clean their floors because they are swayed by a few carpet cleaning myths. Here are a few facts that relate to some of carpet cleaning’s most common myths.

1)The carpets themselves do not require regular cleaning
It is important to keep your carpet clean by cleaning it regularly. When dirt and grime are allowed to collect on a rug, it becomes much more difficult for it to be removed. After some time, you may only have the option of hiring a professional to clean your mat. You can clean your mat yourself if it is regularly cleaned.

2)You can vacuum your carpet to remove all dirt and grime.
Vacuuming your carpet isn’t the most efficient way to do it. Vacuuming cannot remove dust and dirt that have been trodden deep into your carpet’s fibers. It is best to hire a professional mat cleaner to thoroughly clean your mat. If your carpet was professionally cleaned, a regular vacuuming will help prevent the problem recurring.

3) Carpets of all types should be treated in the same way
Carpets can be made in many different ways. What works for one carpet might not work on another. Always ask the carpet vendor for cleaning and maintenance advice when buying a new carpet. A professional mat cleaner will be able to help you if your carpet is stained or has marks.

4)Scrubbing the carpet can help remove dirt
Scrubbing your carpet is actually harmful to it. Heavy scrubbing of carpet fibers can lead to serious damage and an unattractive “fluffy appearance”. The scrubbing may also result in worn-out patches that do not make your carpet look any cleaner.

5) It’s impossible to remove red-wine stains
It is possible to remove red wine stains from carpets if you use the right tricks.

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