Medical Astrology – What is This?

Astrology was once accepted science. In fact, it was used to diagnose medical conditions. Although most people believe that we have evolved, it is possible to wonder if we haven’t actually moved backwards. We no longer want to live in harmony and cosmos. Truth is that the majority of the human race believes that it is too advanced to believe such things as the cosmos. Let’s face facts, most people don’t believe that their lives can be affected or altered by the movements of planets and stars. Article source!

History of Medical Astrology- There are many records of medical astrology practice dating back to Roman times. These records show that doctors routinely used astrological charts to diagnose patients.

Are humans capable of claiming that they understand all aspects of the universe, or have they really progressed to that point? It is important to remember that the west has always been more interested in understanding than in conquering the world.

Medical astrology is a sub-area of astrology that deals with the physical aspects of an individual. An astrologer can simply look at the astrological chart of a person to see what kind of health problems they are likely to encounter and at what stage of their lives. The disease is indicated by the 6th, 6th, or 11th houses.

The planets have an effect on our health, no matter how skeptical we may be. Mars, a fiery planet and enters Leo, can gain too much power, which can lead to tumors, brain hemorhages, and high blood pressure. Mercury, on the other side, can cause kidney problems and Mercury, paralysis, nervousness, etc. The signs of the zodiac are believed to have a particular effect on a certain part of the body. Pisces rules your feet, Cancer your stomach, and Taurus your neck.

Medical astrology is the practice of prescribing remedies to people based on adverse effects caused by various planets. Gemstones are usually used to treat ailments.